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"Broods of Lunar Goslings" and "Lunar Geese" poems by John Phillip Johnson, PD6

"Apple Stories" fiction by Tom Weller, PD6

"Bravi Morti!" and "Pantoum" poems by Sarah Paley, PD6

"Discovering Missing Masterworks of the Fantastic" nonfiction by Matt Schumacher, PD5

"Beserkers" poem by John C. Morrison, PD5

"Navigating the Slipstream" essay by Peter Grandbois, PD5.

"That Wondrous Determinism: The Work of Thomas Wiloch", nonfiction by John Thomas Allen, PD4

"Hi Mom, Please Pick Up," poem by Peter Sears, PD4

"Is and Isn't: Literary Upheavals in the Post-Real Landscape," nonfiction by Chris Gavaler, PD4

"How We Parted, How We Met," fiction by Robert Hunter Whitworth, PD4

"Birdlegs," poem by Alex Vigue, PD4

"Snapping Turtle," "Piece of Star" and "The General" poems by Jeff Friedman, PD3

"Some of Them Make the Scare-Away Shape," fiction by Graham Tugwell, PD3

"The Genre That Dares Not Say Its Name," nonfiction by Leslie What, PD2

"The Bones of Our Ancestors, the Blood of Our Flowers," fiction by Alma Alexander, PD2

"The Problem of Furniture," fiction by Ray Vukcevich, PD1

"Sunrise with Sea-Monsters" and "Testament," poems by Lawrence Raab, PD1

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