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Between the Real and the Impossible

Cover Art: "Higher Consciousness" (2013)

by Australian-artist, Damian Michaels


"The revelatory stories, essays, art, and poetry in our fourth volume of Phantom Drift dip into the bottomless well of the imagination (to borrow from Peter Grandbois's essay) to bring forth tales of life, death, and everything in-between. To understand that which is possible requires an ongoing exploration of that which is real." 


Leslie What, Fiction Co-Editor

from her Introduction, July 21, 2014

$15 postage paid (US only)


ISBN: 978-1-877655-92-0

ISSN: 2162-8211



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Damian Michaels



James Braziel

Allegre Hyde

Kailyn McCord

Susan Morehouse

Jennifer Pullen

Joseph Rathgeber

Julie Turley

Tom Weller

Durand Sheng Welsh

Erik Wennermark

Robert Hunter Whitworth

Charles Wilkinson

Meeah Williams


L.N. Allen

Matthew Broaddus

Mercer Bufter

Rob Cook

Stewart Finnegan 

Rebecca Lilly

Rebecca Macijeski

Jeffrey H. McLachlan

Joshua McKinney
Gregg Murray

Dan Raphael

Mark Russell Reed 

Rena Rossner

Peter Sears

Noel Sloboda

Alex Vigue

Jaime R. Wood


John Thomas Allen (intro for Wiloch)

Chris Gavaler

Peter Grandbois

Matt Schumacher (on Edson)

Leslie What (Intro)



Damian Michaels



Russell Edson

Thomas Wiloch




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