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Navigating the Slipstream

Cover Art: "The Offering"

by Paul Lewin


"The writer who navigates the slipstream well can take the reader headlong into the vast sea of disruption, a place that shakes us loose from the received ideas present in so much of "literary" and genre fiction. Like Ducornet's forest of the unknown, that sea of disruption seeks always to remind us that the best stories lead us into the dark complexities of life even while moves and TV forever push us into the false light of realism or the empty promise of the Freytag pyramid. The writer willing to navigate the slipstream may not make the New York Times bestseller list or be reviewed in the New York Review of Books.  He is probably doomed to haunt the edges of the mainstream, shaking chains and banging shutters in hopes of catching the complete attention of even one believer, but he wouldn't have it any other way." 


Peter Grandbois, Fiction Co-Editor

from his essay, "Navigating the Slipstream"

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ISBN: 978-0-9964426-0-2

ISSN: 2162-8211



This issue of Phantom Drift was made possible in part due to a publishing fellowship from Literary Arts, Inc., of Portland, Oregon. 

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Paul Lewin



Adam Berlin

Peter Copenhaver

Giovanni De Feo

Anna Lea Jancowicz

Stephen Langlois

Alise Miller

Maggie Nye

Brenda Peynado

C.A. Schaefer

Thomas Wharton

Evan Morgan Williams


Laura Bernstein-Machlay

Mohineet Kaur Boparai

Gray Campbell

Emily Carnevale

Grant Clauser

Jeff Friedman

Thomas Alan Holmes

Michael Keenan

Rebecca Lilly
Mary McMyne

Bruce McRae

John Morrison 

Gregg Murray

Kristine Ong Muslim

Ki Russell

Jordan Sanderson

J. J. Steinfeld

Trevor Tingle


Peter Grandbois

Matt Schumacher 



Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya





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