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Creatures Born of a Long Denial

Our seventh annual issue of Phantom Drift,
will be released October 1, 2017. It can be
pre-ordered below. 

Cover art: "Stickmen," by Alan M. Clark

Cover design by Kristin Summers, redbat design

$15 US postage paid 

$23 International economy

ISBN: 978-0-9964426-2-6

ISSN: 2162-8211



US Postage Paid :
International Economy:
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International Economy – Delivery to most countries and territories to the destination 

country’s mail system. Shipment times and reliability vary based on the destination 

country’s mail system. These shipments are not traceable. P.O. Boxes cannot be used as 

a Ship To Address. (This shipping method, in exchange for lower shipping cost, does not 

offer damage insurance or shipment tracking to the ultimate recipient. Copies of Phantom Drift can be purchased in most countries. Check your local bookstore or on-line booksellers in these countries for details -- UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. ​

Now available



Katie Dieter

Andrew Dobbs

Samantha Edmonds

Robert Guffey

Chris Kammerud

D. Lewis

Fiona Marshall

John A. McDermott

Jennifer Pullen

Lyle Roebuck

J.J. Roth

Miranda Schmidt

Rose Servis

Tom Weller


Stacey Balkun

Devon Balwit

Annah Browning

Holly Burdorff

Steve Castro

Darren Demaree

Jonathan Louis Duckworth

Della Garigan

Giles Goodland

James Grabill

Sarah Kain Gutowski

Seth Jani

Tricia Knoll

Rebecca Lilly

Kurt Luchs 

Lindsey Martin-Brown

Nils Michals

GennaRose Nethercott

Lynn Pattison

Tobias Peterson

Nate Pritts

C. Samuel Rees

David Russomano

John Sexton

Virginia Shreve

Armin Tolentino


Matt Schumacher


Alan M. Clark (b/w art)


Alan M. Clark, "Stickmen"








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