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Some Favorite Links ​(under construction)

Unstuck, Unstuck Books

Matt Williamson, Executive Editor


Unstuck was an independent, nonprofit annual based in Austin, Texas. They emphasize literary fiction with elements of the fantastic, the futuristic, or the surreal--a broad category that would include the work  of writers as diverse as Abe, Ballard, Borges, Calvino, Tutuola, and (of course) Vonnegut. Phantom Drift editors recommend Unstuck as it is one of the few journals publishing the same range of work. Their first issue was over 300 pages of generously leaded fiction, poetry and nonfiction. Their second issue is over 500 pages. Phantom Drift editor appeared in their first issue.


Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

Edited by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link

Published twice a year by Small Beer Press of Easthampton, MA, over 28 issues to date, LCRW has consistently published some of the most innovative speculative fiction out there.  A cursory glide through the most recent books from Small Beer Press attests to its vital role in defining a literature of the fantastic: Peter Dickinson, Sofia Samatar, Angélica Gorodischer, Ursula K. Le Guin, Elizabeth Hand, Lydia Millet, Kij Johnson, Kathe Koja, Nancy Kress, Joan Aiken, Geoff Ryman. If you're not familiar with LCRW or Small Beer Press, you're missing something.

POlyphony series 1 - 6

Edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake 

Polyphony 7 (edited by Deborah Layne and Forrest Aguirre) has apparently been on hold. The last posting on their website was by Deborah nearly three years ago. But the Polyphony series is well worth your time and explores that difficult to categorize range of work so loved by Phantom Drift editors.

A Journal of Interstitial Arts

As writers and editors with one foot in the academic literary community and one in the science fiction and fantasy community, we see the boundaries between genres and forms as permeable membranes, not fortified borders. Our mission is to gather pieces from wildly different corners of the writing, visual arts, and music worlds in order to showcase weird and wonderful work that falls outside conventional categories. Delia Sherman, Executive Editor.

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