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Resources​ for Educational Purposes

Master List of Slipstream Titles

Lawrence Person, editor of Nova Express


This list of slipstream titles includes many books we at Phantom Drift would include under our broad category of fabulist and fantastic literature. The list is somewhat dated as Nova Express has not published for over a decade.



Recommended Reading for Lovers of Magical Realism

Compiled by Margin Magazine

Margin hasn't published for like five years, but this is another great list of titles which we are linking to here for educational purposes. This list is copyrighted so please read their Terms of Use. Their website is one of the best resources in general on Magical Realism and includes stories and articles.  



The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts
Carol Simons March 2012

The purpose of IAFA is to promote and recognize achievement in the study of the fantastic, mainly through the organization and management of an annual academic conference, the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA). IAFA also publishes the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, which is a peer-reviewed journal for scholarship within the field of the fantastic. 

The Interstitial Arts Foundation
Non-Profit Organization

More info forthcoming.  

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