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Like Some Winter Animal

now available



Sionnain Buckley

Michael Chin

Stacey Hegarty

Jessica Fordham Kidd

Albert McFarland

Shauna Mckay

Jason Ockert

Frances Pope

Keith Rosson

E. G. Willy


Yvonne Amey

Sayuri Ayers

Hilary Biehl

Shauna Marie Barrows

Christie Collins

Larisa Harriger

Zara Hart

Heikki Houtari

Vicente Huidobro (translated by Jonathan Simkins)

Donald Illich

David Koehn

John Laue

Rebecca Lilly

Laurinda Lind

Nathan Manley

Jeanne Morel

Kirby Olson

Eric Pankey

Cliff Saunders

Jonathan Simkins

Morgan Ventura




Matthew Dennison


John Coyne









Our ninth annual issue of Phantom Drift  can now be ordered below.  

Cover art: John Coyne  

Cover design by Kristin Summers, redbat design

$15 US postage paid 

$23 International economy


ISSN: 2162-8211

Our ninth issue, Like Some Winter Animal, might have been recovered like a lost hiker during the coldest months, his spinning compass half-frozen solid, stuck pointing in the weirdest of directions, right to where the Washington State and Oregon DOT cameras have been capturing shots of sauntering bigfoot. How kind of you, dear readers,
to invite this issue in and let it sit next to your fire, to let it unfold tales of blowing snow and black ice, as well as a mix of freezing rain and muttered advice, before it turns into someone or something else, some yuki-onna or lyncanthrope.

Our latest collection of fantastical works, like snowshoe hare or arctic fox, won’t hesitate to let its fur turn white in winter. It might be right at home in a blue norther or bomb cyclone, perhaps even in Vostok, Antarctica, where windchills have plunged to
128 below. And while it won’t freeze you out of your abode, this installment of Phantom Drift will instill a chill.

--MATT SCHUMACHER, Managing Editor

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International Economy – Delivery to most countries and territories to the destination country’s mail system. Shipment times and reliability vary based on the destination country’s mail system. These shipments are not traceable. P.O. Boxes cannot be used as a Ship To Address. (This shipping method, in exchange for lower shipping cost, does not offer damage insurance or shipment tracking to the ultimate recipient. Copies of Phantom Drift can be purchased in most countries. Check your local bookstore or on-line booksellers in these countries for details -- UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. ​

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