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Phantom Drift Editors' Favorite Weird and Fantastic Anthologies

Our first resuscitation of the Phantom Drift blog entertains the burning question,

What is your favorite anthology of weird and fantastic literature?

For a more satisfying inquiry into this tantalizing territory, we’ve polled our editors…

· Founding editor David Memmott favors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories

· Fiction editor Tom Weller favors Meerkat Press’s Behind the Mask: An Anthology of Heroic Proportions

· Fiction editor Nate Liederbach has selected editor Barbara Howes’ Eye of the Heart: Short Stories from Latin America

· Poetry editor Elizabeth Schumacher has chosen Black Water: The Book of Fantastic Literature, edited by Alberto Manguel, and for poetry, “Disenchantments: An Anthology of Modern Fairy Tale Poetry” edited by Wolfgang Mieder

· For Fiction, Poetry editor Mary Bond chose “My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales” edited by Kate Bernheimer, and for poetry, “Disenchantments: An Anthology of Modern Fairy Tale Poetry” edited by Wolfgang Mieder

· A few of my all-time favorites new and old include

Another Republic, edited by Charles Simic and Mark Strand (poetry anthology)

Angel Body and Other Magic for the Soul, edited by Chris Reed and David Memmott

The Big Book of Classic Fantasy, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

edited by Joan Kessler

The Book of Fantasy, edited by Jorge Luis Borges, Silvino Ocampo, and A. Bioy Casares

Care to recommend an anthology we’re missing and should most definitely investigate? We’d like to hear a few from you at

The three most intriguing responses will be shared on a future blog and will receive a past issue of PD...

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21 Ağu 2023

'If you die before you die, when you die, you will never die' -Jesus ● ● Cya soon, bro...

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