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Front Cover for Phantom Drift 3: Rewiring the Weird

"Hypnagogia," a painting by Chris Mars

Acceptances for PD3



"Birdland: Tiananmen Square" by Zachary Amendt of Oakland, California

"Meet the Divine and Proceed" by Charles McLeod of Grand Junction, Colorado

"Mustachio of Principe Arbusto" by Matt Jones of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"What to Expect" by Amanda Cockrell of Roanoke, Virginia

"How to Seduce a Giant" by Laurie Foos of Centerport, New York

"The Vampire Walrus and the Carpenter" by Marge Simon of Ocala, Florida

"Some of Them Make the Scare-Away Shape" by Graham Tugwell of Dublin, Ireland

"A Working Theory of Everything" by Chris Gavaler of Lexington, Virginia

"Olimpia's Ghost" by Sofia Samatar of Ventura, California

"For Need of Leavening" by Julia Patt of Maryland


"My Best Friend" by Rebecca Lilly of Port Repubic, Virginia

"Introduction to the Body in Fairy Tales" by Jeanine Hall Gailey of Redmond, Washington

"Where Night and the Day Co-Exist" by James Grabill of Portland, Oregon

"Dear University Office of Risk Management" by Noel Sloboda of York, Pennsylvania

"The Difficult Kitchen" by Barbara Drake of Yamhill, Oregon

"Piece of Star," "Snapping Turtle," and "The General" by Jeff Friedman of West Lebanon, New Hampshire

"12:12 PM 12 December" by Changming Yuan of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Merciless" and "The White-Dark, Some Speculations" by Claire Bateman of Greensville, South Carolina

"My Old School" by M.V. Montgomery of McDonough, Georgia

"My Granddaughter Tells Me of the Witch of Death" by Peter Sears, Corvallis, Oregon

"My Father and the Crows" by Zoltán Komor of Hungary

"The Fool's Manifesto" by Anja Notanja Sieger of Wisconsin

"Asterion" by Mark Reed of Tigard, Oregon

"giving birth the old fashioned way" by Laura Winter of Portland, Oregon

"Mr. Bill" and "Mr. Evil's Evil Vacation" by EP Allan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin



"The Mysterious" by Don Webb of Austin, Texas

Essay on E.T.A. Hoffman by Matt Schumacher

"Satiric Speculation and Short Stories by Carol Emschwiller," a retrospective by Leslie What of Portland, Oregon

Review of Alif the Unseen (G. Willow Wilson) by Susan De Freitas of Portland, Oregon



Cover art, "Hypnagogia," by Chris Mars

Feature: Black and white scratchboard images by Chris Mars

Three black and white images by Anja Notanja Sieger




PD3 Cover
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